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When it comes to buying an inverter for your RV, there are many factors you must first consider. Inverters themselves come in two types, Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave. From these two major types, power inverters can be divided into multiple factors, factors that include size and wattage.


While we at Boat and RV Accessories carry both Pure Sine Wave inverters and Modified Sine Wave inverters, in this buying guide we'll specifically highlight the attributes of Pure Sine Wave RV inverters. The significant difference between these two types of RV inverters is the type of electrical devices you'll be using in your RV. Pure Sine Wave inverters are better suited for more sensitive electrical items such as laptops, televisions, and stereos. So if you plan on using one of these more sensitive electrical devices in your RV, we recommend making sure you have a Pure Sine Wave inverter.

Pure Sine Wave inverters are offered in a variety of tiers, distinguished by their price, durability and capabilities. Below we'll highlight what each of these tiers of RV inverters means, what applications these power inverters are best suited for, and what brands fit these qualifications.

Top Tier RV Inverters

The best words to describe this top-tier level of RV inverters include high quality, long lasting, and extremely efficient. A top tier inverter is quite simply a sturdy product that can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Sensata is one such brand of top-tier RV inverters. This top of the line brand offers high-end power inverters mostly used for heavy duty solutions. The Sensata brand also has smaller models available. So no matter what size you need for your RV, you can find the right top tier RV inverter to direct your power flow.

Our selection of RV inverters includes the following Sensata models: 12/1500N, 12/1800N, 12/3000N, 12/3600N. Plus, Sensata stands behind the quality of their RV inverters with a two-year warranty.

Meanwhile, Magnum Dimensions Inverters are marketed towards a more everyday consumer. Magnum is owned by Sensata so that you can expect the same powerful product. The Magnum Dimensions line of inverters are high quality, quite efficient and also carry a two-year warranty. Some of the inverters we carry from the Magnum Dimensions line include CSW1012 and CSW2012.

Mid Tier RV Inverters

The models offered by all three brands in this mid-tier category of RV inverters are all comparable in terms of quality and durability.

Go Power! Inverters are a great mid-tier option for a power inverter. They feature excellent build quality, good longevity, low-quality control issues, and wattage options ranging from 150 Watts to 3000 Watts. What’s more, every model is backed up by a two-year warranty. A great example of a mid-tier inverter from Go Power! Inverters is the GP-1750HD.

Cotek Inverters models have a good track record of being reliable and robust inverters. Their latest product line, the SP inverters, has been a popular seller and come in many wattage and voltage varieties. These Cotek Inverters come with a two-year warranty. We recommend these products from the Cotek Inverters brand: SP-700-112, SP-1500-112, and SP-3000-112.

Samlex Inverters are another solid choice for the everyday consumer. The PST line is a staple in the inverter industry for its performance, high efficiency, and name recognition. Samlex includes a two-year warranty with their RV inverters. Some of their top inverters include the following models: PST-120-12, PST-15s-12a, and the PST-30S-12E.

Budget Tier RV Inverters

Not bad inverters by any means, just a little more budget friendly with a one-year warranty. Every model listed here can still help manage the power in your RV, just for a lower price.

Aims Power Inverters have been around a long time, and for good reason. They typically have good performance and the most wattage options, ranging from small 150 watt inverters to large 12,000-watt inverters. Find the perfect amount of wattage and size for your RV with their selection of RV inverters including the PWRI150024S, the PWRIG200012120S, and the PWRIG300024120S.

Last but certainly not least, PowerBright Inverters offer excellent performance at affordable prices so all RV owners can afford a new RV inverter. The PowerBright Inverter brand is known for their superb customer service, the one-year warranty that comes with all their products, and their outstanding reliability. Consider adding an APS600-12 or APS1000-12 from their line of RV inverters to your camper.

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