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Save $29.47
OPEK HVT-400B HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna
Save $44.51
Opek VUG-270 Dual Band VHF/UHF Hi-gain Window on Glass Mount Mobile Ham Antenna
Save $13.07
OPEK HVT-600 HF/VHF 10 Band Mobile Antenna
Save $12.70
Opek DL-60 CB Ham Radio 60 Watt Antenna Testing Dry Dummy Load
Save $13.51
Opek CX-201U 2-Way Coaxial Antenna Switch - SO-239 UHF Connectors
Save $6.40
Opek NMO-3-1 NMO to UHF-Female SO-239 Adapter 1-Inch Long
Save $6.03
Opek SWR-3 SWR/Power/Antenna Field Strength Meter
Save $15.96
Opek NMO-6 NMO Antenna Connector to 3/8 x 24T Adapter
Save $11.01
OPEK VH-1220 2/6 Meter 1/4 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna
Save $7.56
Opek NMO-8 NMO Antenna Connector to UHF-Female SO-239 Adapter
Save $12.19
Opek HVU-300 Multi-band HF/VHF/UHF 5 Band Mobile Antenna
Save $2.85
Opek HDM-1B Beehive Antenna Mount - 3/8" x 24 Thread to SO-239 UHF
Save $5.14
Opek SM-1 SO-239 To 38 X 24 Threaded Stud Antenna Mount Adapter
Save $6.66
Opek AM-701 3/8" x 24T Black Pillar Side Antenna Mount
Save $12.97
Opek DB-1 (VU-1512) Dual-Band Ham Radio Mobile Antenna
Save $12.33
OPEK HR-12 Dual Band Portable HT Ham Radio Antenna - 144 / 440 MHz
Save $11.83
Opek CX-3 Coaxial Antenna Switch
Opek Airlink Telecom Inc. Opek CX-3 Coaxial Antenna Switch
Sale price$18.16 Regular price$29.99
Save $16.42
OPEK VUM-201-BNC - Dual Band Mobile Ham Radio Antenna
Save $15.01
Opek VUG-270 W/B Replacement Dual Band VHF/UHF on Glass Mount Antenna Whip & Base
Save $8.78
OPEK S-56S - Heavy Duty Barrel Spring for Antenna Whips
Save $13.98
Opek NMO-4 Antenna Adapter
Opek Airlink Telecom Inc. Opek NMO-4 Antenna Adapter
Sale price$11.01 Regular price$24.99
Save $10.02
Opek HVU-100 Multi-band HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna
Save $9.16
OPEK HR-603VU-SMA Dual Band VHF/UHF Portable Antenna (SMA)

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