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When it comes to RV transfer switches, the sheer amount of options out there can be overwhelming. There are so many RV transfer switches, how do you know you are choosing the right one for your RV?

Here we’ll highlight what you need to know to find the perfect RV transfer switch for your camper.

Know Your RV Transfer Switch Options

When it comes down to it, your RV transfer switch option simplifies down to 2 main options. These options include manual transfer switch or automatic transfer switches. Manual transfer switches require you to physically change the mode from shore power to generator after losing power. They are generally a cheaper option but can be frustrating due to the multiple step process you must undergo to return power to your RV.

Meanwhile, automatic transfer switches are more efficient because they allow you to manually change the main energy supply, but sense a power failure. Once the switch senses a disturbance in the energy flow, the transfer switch automatically knows to make the switch from shore power to generator power. This feature makes the switch in power supply seamless in your RV. For this reason, most people look for an automatic transfer switch for their RV.

Know What an RV Transfer Switch Does

An RV transfer switch allows you to hook up to shore power at your campsite so that you aren’t relying on the power supply in your RV. As mentioned earlier, an automatic transfer switch will be able to detect when a power supply goes out, meaning your RV can run on shore power and with the transfer switch you can control where your power is coming from easily.

Amps and Watts for RV Transfer Switches

Just like when you are setting up your RV for solar power, when you are shopping for an RV transfer switch it is important that you know the necessary amount of watts and amps your RV uses on a typical day. To calculate your watts, you’ll use a simple formula: Watts = Amps x Volts. This formula will be able to tell you the available wattage in your RV and what you need to stay under to keep the electricity in your RV running smoothly.

RV Transfer Switches in Our Online Store

Now that you have a better understanding of how transfer switches work and some of your options we’ll highlight some of the RV transfer switches available in our online store.

If you don’t have much space for a transfer switch, then we recommend our WFCO T-30 30 Amp 120 Volt Automatic Transfer Switch. This transfer switch easily mounts to any flat surface with its compact design of 4.25 pounds. Don’t let the compact design fool you, this RV transfer switch still packs a punch at 30 amp and 120 volts.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an RV transfer switch able to be used more rigorously, we recommend the ESCO ES50M-65N 50 Amp 120-240 Volt Automatic Transfer Switch. Besides being an automatic transfer switch this RV transfer switch also acts as a generator time delay. This RV transfer switch model works with generators having a rated output of 50 Amps at 120/240 VAC.

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Find the perfect RV transfer switch to control the electrical current in your RV with our full selection of RV transfer switches. Have more questions about shopping for an RV transfer switch? Contact our team today!

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