Taco Marine Tele-outriggers

How to choose the right pole largely depends on the size of boat and number of lines being used simultaneously. Please see the recommended boat to outrigger size charge below.

Having the right outrigger will allow more lines to be towed and eliminate the chances of getting tangled. The more lines in the water the better which simulates a school of fish. Each outrigger will allow for one or two lines from your rods and reels. Taco Marine tele-outriggers can be adjusted down to 6’ for easy transporting and storage. This also reduces stress on your gunnel. Taco Sport Fishing’s Tele-Outriggers come with industry leading 3 year warranty. 

Boat Size Outrigger Size
20’ & Under 12’
21’ to 26’ 15’
27’ to 34’ 18’

The outriggers should be washed often with fresh water. This is eliminates buildup and corrosion. Pay close attention to areas that are under tops or covered as they do not get the natural benefit of rain water as a rinse. Do not use bleach, abrasive compounds or scrubbing brushes and pads. These will remove the anodizing and lead to pitting.

Happy Boating!

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