Iota Battery Charger
If you're searching for a quality battery charger, the DLS and DLS-X IOTA battery chargers are a great choice. These battery charger and battery converters perform both functions well with reliable charging and AC/DC power conversion. The versatility of these chargers is just as impressive, and they are used throughout many different industries. Pair them with the IOTA smart charger that best suits your needs for optimal battery life!


The IOTA DLS battery charger is a great choice for your batteries, as it offers confident charging/conversion with a dual-voltage jack, 4-stage terminal, and 2-year warranty. This battery charger has become popular for good reasons, and its reliability is one of them. The dual voltage jack can select between absorption and charge levels and can also be paired with the IQ4 controller for smart-charging.


Not only does the DLS-X offer excellent performance, but also added features that pack a punch, such as the compact height, internalized cooling fan, charge control dock, and 3-year warranty, just to name a few. This IOTA battery charger will help to ensure your batteries are charged properly, and the accessory port allows a smart-charge control device to be easily installed, increasing charge performance and extending the life of your batteries. Consider the DLS-X series if you are looking for an enhanced charging experience and additional features.

Iota Charge Controllers

When running the DLS IOTA battery chargers, adding a smart-charge controller can enhance their performance and accommodate the charge preferences of the batteries being charged. Different battery types and setups can benefit from specific charging cycles from the IOTA smart charge systems, so finding the right one for you is important. Below we have listed all the options and how they will help to extend the life and improve the performance of your battery. Find the setup for your battery to provide optimal battery life and enhanced maintenance.

Iota IQ Battery Chargers


Letting your RV, boat or another vehicle that uses a flooded lead-acid battery sit for extended periods can lead to battery damage. Charging these batteries regularly is crucial to prolonging battery life as well as maintaining performance. If you tend to let your vehicle and battery sit, consider this IOTA battery charger. The IQ4 has four basic charging functions that include Bulk, Absorption, Float, and a seven-day maintenance cycle. This charger will help to maintain your battery, prolonging its life so it is ready for your next adventure.

Iota IQ4 Smart Charge Controller


The IQ-Turbo Iota Charger is a great choice for those of you looking to charge a battery quickly. If your battery is frequently used with little time to be charged, the IQ-Turbo may be the perfect option for you. For example, you should strongly consider this option for batteries connected to a solar panel array or generator. There is little downtime for these systems, so quick charging is a great route!

Iota IQ-Turbo Rapid Charge Controller


If you are running two batteries, consider the IQ-Parallel. This IOTA charger controller allows you to control two DLS Battery chargers that are operating in parallel using a customized chord. This controller uses a 4-stage charging control and eliminates the need to buy two separate controllers.

Iota IQ4 Parallel Smart Charge Controller


The LifePo4 battery is a state-of-the-art battery that uses a large 4-cell design and a battery management system (BMS), so the IQ-LiFePo is a great choice. If you're looking for a charge controller for your lithium-ion battery with a BMS, consider the IQ-LiFePo. It has the capability to deliver a steady trickle charge when in standby and a bulk charge, should you desire or need it.

Iota IQ-Turbo Rapid Charge Controller


Using a gel lead-acid battery, you need to make sure your charge control has the capability of delivering a BULK charge over an extended time with decreased voltage. For that, you need the IQ-Gel. This IOTA charger will run a reduced-voltage bulk charge every seven days to help maintain your gel lead-acid battery so that it stays in its peak charged status.

Iota IQ-GEL Extended Bulk Charger


Consider the IQ-Equalizer as your IOTA battery charging control tool if you’re looking to deliver a constant-current bulk charge to a flooded lead-acid battery. Delivering this type of charge helps to ensure that all cells within the battery receive a complete charge in a short time-span. Once the predetermined time has passed, this charge control will switch to a trickle charge.

Iota IQ-Equalizer On-Demand Bulk Charging Controller


Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries prefer a specific type of charging that the IQ-AGM is made to perform. The IQ-AGM IOTA charge controller skips the bulk stage in charging and instead holds the battery at the absorption stage and then reverts to the float stage. This is the perfect option for those using an AGM battery.

Iota IQ-AGM Tailored Absorption Charger


If you are looking for an IOTA charge controller for your DLS 54V battery charger, the IQ-54V is made for this purpose. The IQ-54V can deliver four basic charging functions, including bulk, absorption, float, and a seven-day maintenance cycle. All these functions are modified into a format that works with the IOTA DLS 54V models.

Iota IQ4 54V Smart Charge Controller


If you are looking to charge a large lead-acid battery bank with increased amp-hour ratings, the IQ-40-Hour is a perfect choice. This charge controller can service larger-capacity battery banks with an extended bulk charge and then will revert to the standard absorption, float, and maintenance modes.

Iota IQ-40-Hour Extended Bulk Charging

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