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Iota IQ4 Parallel Smart Charge Controller For DLS Series Battery Chargers

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The Iota IQ4 Parallel Smart controller keeps your batteries completely charged and increases the their lifespan. See the details tab for more information.

They can be used with any Iota DLS Battery Charger. The IQ4 Parallel uses a 4 stage charging system which keeps your battery in its peak condition. The four stages are: Bulk, Absorption, Float, and Equalization. Bulk Stage:

  • The Bulk Stage of the IQ4 allows the batteries to be charged from the full rated output of the charger (for example, a 12V charger will charge at a maximum of 14.8V). This increased charging period reduces the overall charging time of the battery.

Absorption Stage:

  • After the Bulk Stage, the IQ4 then moves to the Absorption Stage (14.2V for a 12V battery). This mode will continue for up to 480 minutes (8 hours) to ensure that the battery receives a complete charge.

Float Stage:

  • During the Float Stage, the IQ4 reduces the DLS charge voltage. This reduced voltage maintains the full charge while minimizing 'gassing' of the battery. The IQ4's float stage prevents boiling and bulging of the battery caused when the battery is exposed to higher charging voltages for too long.

Equalization Stage:

  • If the batteries remain in a ""float stage"" for a seven-day period, the IQ4 will switch the DLS charger into a pre-programmed Equalization Stage. This protects the life of your battery by dissolving any sulfate layer on the battery's internal plates and avoids stratification that can occur when a battery has not been in use for extended periods.
 12V Battery24V Battery48V Battery
Number of Cells 6 12 24
Bulk Phase (2.466V per cell) 14.8V 29.6V 59.2V
Absorption Phase (2.366V per cell) 14.2V 28.4V 56.8V
Float Phase (2.266V per cell) 13.6V 27.2V 54.4V


  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.6"L x 1.3"W x .7"H


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