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7 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your RV Furnace

If you’re an RV owner, you know to take action when your RV furnace stops working. But how can you better predict and address issues before they happen?

There Are Seven Common Problems That Indicate Your RV Furnace Is Not Working Correctly:

  • Old RV Furnace
  • Dirty RV Interior
  • Loud Noises
  • Rust or Cracks
  • Costly Repairs
  • Cold Air
  • RV Furnace Pilot Light Malfunctioning

Below, we'll take an in-depth look into each of these common signs so you'll know when it’s nearing time for an RV furnace update.

Your RV Furnace Is Inching Toward the End of Its Lifespan

The easiest way to tell if it’s time to retire your RV furnace is by looking at the age of the unit. The average lifespan of a propane RV furnace is about 10 years, depending on maintenance and usage. You can consult your RV furnace owner’s manual to see the exact lifespan. If your system’s age is nearing that number, it could be on its last legs.

The RV Interior Gets Dirty While the Furnace Is Running

Have you noticed that your RV is getting excessively dusty, rusty or sooty when the furnace is running? As your furnace gets older, it has a harder time filtering out contaminants from outside air. If you’re experiencing more dust, dander, soot, rust or general dirty build-up within your RV, it could mean it’s time to install a new propane RV furnace.

You’re Hearing Loud Abnormal Noises

If your RV furnace seems to be running louder than normal or develops unusual noises like buzzes, rattles or hums, there could be cracks, leaks or other structural issues at work. This is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to replace your propane RV furnace.

Your RV Furnace Is Visibly Rusted or Cracked

Are you seeing rust or even cracks developing in or around your RV furnace? While this naturally occurs over time as your furnace ages, it’s also a red flag that a malfunction is imminent. It’s most likely time to upgrade your system.

Repairs Are Getting More and More Costly

An easy way to tell if it’s time to replace your RV furnace is by looking back at your repair bills. Note how many times you’ve had to pay to fix the unit in the last two years. If your repairs are steadily getting costlier or are needed increasingly often, it could be time to update your heater.

The RV Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Is your RV furnace blowing cold air? That's a pretty obvious sign that it's facing imminent failure. Most often, this is related to the motor in the blower fan. If your blower fan is malfunctioning, the RV furnace will blow cold air intermittently and won't have enough power to heat the RV completely. If the RV furnace is blowing cold air only, with no warmth at all, this is most likely due to an issue with the heat exchanger or pilot light.

The RV Furnace Pilot Light Is the Wrong Color

The pilot light in your RV furnace should always be blue. If the pilot light is yellow, this could be a warning sign that your RV furnace is not working. Additionally, it may be leaking harmful carbon monoxide gases inside. If your RV furnace pilot light is yellow, or you see excessive condensation and smell rotten eggs, you should shut off the furnace immediately and call a technician.

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