Camper Maintenance

When it comes to your camper, there are small tasks you can do to ensure your camper stays in top working condition, and to avoid costly repairs. We've compiled a list of year-round camper maintenance tips that should be a part of your maintenance plan for your RV. If some of these items below aren't already a part of your routine, we suggest you add them, and your RV will thank you later!

Remove the Battery During the Winter

Help save the battery in your RV from damage with this simple trick! When you put away your RV for the winter make sure you take out your RV battery and store it in a warm place where the battery isn't at risk of freezing. If you leave your battery in the RV over the winter, you run the risk of it freezing and breaking. Leaving you to replace your RV battery and clean up if the battery began leaking. Save yourself the trouble and make sure to store the battery for winter somewhere it won't freeze during the cold months. Also, keep in mind the batteries will lose their charge, so get on a schedule where you charge your RV batteries when they get to roughly 80% or below their charge. Make sure you rotate your batteries on your RV battery charger.

Check Your RV Roof

The roof of your RV is susceptible to a significant amount of wear and tear, which is why we recommend checking the seals of your roof almost every six months. Get yourself on a schedule where you check your roof seals at the beginning and end of your camping season. Checking the seals on your roof will alert you if you might be susceptible to leaks. Nothing will ruin a camping trip quite like a leaky roof in the middle of a storm. Not to mention how much the repairs water damage can cost you. Save yourself the trouble and check your roof seals and prevent water damage in your RV.

Don't Forget Oil and Filters

Similar to your car, completing these small tasks help not only potentially extend the life of your camper, but also make sure you avoid paying for costly repairs. One of these small tasks that is reminiscent of car ownership is making sure you change the oil in your camper and replacing the filters. You'll want to change the oil in your RV roughly every 3,000 miles. Spending a small amount of money on an oil change, or doing it yourself will save you from making costly repairs to your camper! Make sure you check the filters during this time as well. These are both small tasks that can prevent you from having to drop thousands of dollars for repairs.

Tire Pressure

Another tip that is rather reminiscent of car ownership. Checking the tire pressure in your RV is just as important as with your car. Before every big trip, check to make sure your tire pressure is at the right level before you hit the road. This task is just as important if you are driving 30 miles to your campsite or 300 miles. This is another small task that can prevent costly repairs and a ruined camping trip.

We hope the list above will ensure your camper stays in great shape to offer your many wonderful camping memories for years to come.

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