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Get your boat or yacht ready for this year’s fishing season by stocking up on the best sport fishing equipment. Sure, you already know the obvious sport fishing gear you need, like a fishing rod, bait, etc., but here we’ll highlight some sport fishing accessories and boat fishing equipment you might not already have on hand.

The following fishing essentials will help turn your boat into a sport fishing hub and help you catch even more fish this season.

1. An Outrigger System

If you don’t have an outrigger kit yet, and you have a smaller boat, then you are certainly missing out. Outriggers are primarily used to create more space for your boat. An outrigger system allows your lines to go out farther in the water. Also, having your bait out farther from your boat is helpful when you go to make your turns and maneuvers, that way, your lines never get tangled.

2. Rod Holders

Reel in the fish you’ve been looking for like the true fisherman you are with the help of a rod holder. Fishing rod holders make it so that you don’t have to be holding your fly rod the entire time. That way, you can do other tasks while having a line out, or have more lines than you have fishers in the boat. There are many different types of fishing rod holders for boats that you can use to help reel in even more fish! Some rod holders can hold four rods securely, like this 4-rod aluminum rod holder. Make sure when purchasing a rod holder that you keep in mind the type of sport fishing rods you and your fishing buddies use because not all rod holders are designed for all types of fishing rods.

3. Dry and Cold Storage

Whether you're a saltwater fishing newbie or a freshwater trout fishing expert, you know that storage on boats is often in short supply. Because of this, it's smart to include bait and storage tanks as part of your marine fishing gear. These super coolers are ideal for storing bait, fish or even your lunch!

4. Knife and Plier Holder

Maybe you don’t have much room on your boat but still want to have a place to store your knife and plier set. We suggest getting a knife and plier holder set that will attach to the side of the boat. Adding a knife and plier holder to your boat will help free up some room and guarantee that you’ll be able to locate your knife and pliers quickly when needed.

5. Navigational and Fish-Finding Equipment

Looking to take your sport fishing game up a notch? Consider adding a navigational or fish-finding system to your boat. This can save you time and stress when out on the water. Innovative equipment includes side-scan and mid-band chirp sonar, broadband radar, satellite-connected weather radar, solid-state radar and onboard cameras. The latest models even allow you to control your boat's systems and monitor its vitals from practically anywhere.

6. Filet Tables

While your rod holder is allowing you to be hands-free with your fishing rod, you can clean your fish right on the spot by using a filet table on your boat. We recommend making sure that the filet table you get for your boat has drainage on the table, which will make it easier to clean. Also, most fish filet tables are easy to fold and store on your boat. Waste no time cleaning your fish by having a filet table on hand.

7. Lighting

In addition to your white anchor light and green and red navigational lights, more and more sport fishing boat owners are adding fishing and accent lights to their watercraft. On the interior of your boat, you can add white LED lights for increased visibility, or colored lights to ensure the best night vision. For portable lighting to help you see navigational aids and obstacles in the dark, be sure to always have an LED spotlight on hand. LED lighting is ideal for sport fishing boats because they're sealed and protected from the elements and produce little to no heat.

8. Safety Gear

Whenever you're out on the water, safety should always be your No. 1 priority. And as such, it needs to be a must-have part of your boat fishing gear. In addition to the safety and rescue equipment required by the US Coast Guard, there are a few items you'll want to have as part of your essential fishing gear.

It's of the utmost importance that you house one Type III life vest for each person on the boat, as well as a kids life jacket for each child. You should also carry a satellite rescue beacon or handheld personal locator beacon, a strobe light and a signal whistle if you need to alert rescue services in the event of an emergency. Consider purchasing a 25-watt VHF radio with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number in case you need tow services. A handheld 5-watt VHF is also good for close communications or if you need to exit the boat.

Some other items you'll want to have on board include a portable bilge pump, a bilge plug, a battery charger, extra water, a well-stocked first-aid kit or bag, survival blankets, etc.

Equip Your Boat with the Best Sport Fishing Accessories from Boat & RV

These sport fishing accessories will help you make your sport fishing boat easier and more efficient to fish in. Whether it’s fishing rod mounts and rod holders or filet tables and knife and plier holders, these fishing essentials will help your boat stay organized while out on the ocean or lake, so you can spend more time casting lines and reeling in fish.

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