Boat Maintenance Tips - 5 Things You Should Do Every Year

Boat maintenance is easy to stay on top of with help and supplies from Boat & RV Accessories.

We all learn quickly, when we start driving, that cars require regular maintenance, from oil changes to new tires and everything in between. Even regular car washes help protect that ride: By keeping the exterior in good condition, we prevent corrosion that might threaten internal components.

The same logic holds true for your boat. But because you don't use your boat every day like you do your car or truck, it can be easy to forget regular maintenance tasks. Whether you are a first-time or a long-time boat owner, a review of basic boat maintenance can always be a help.


Just like your car, every trip starts with your battery powering up the engine. Before every outing, give a check to your battery and cables, making sure that the cables are tight on the terminals. Because periods of extended non-use are pretty much guaranteed for most boat owners, a battery maintenance charger is a good idea. And swap out that battery every four or five seasons, just to ensure good performance.


It's safe to assume that every marine engine is operating under hard conditions - high rpm and a heavy load are standard operating conditions. That means good lubrication is critically important. Stay on top of your oil changes, and check the oil level before every outing.

Good engine care also calls for ensuring proper fuel. Almost all marine engines we can think of do best with fuel that contains no ethanol, so try to avoid it. When you are done boating and know you won't be back on the water for a while, consider using a marine-specific fuel stabilizer. That will help prevent oxidation and phase separation.


A few times a year, it's a good idea to inspect the propeller and propshaft for accumulations. Most of the time, you'll find fishing line wrapped around it - broken line floats on the top of the water, right where it can get wrapped and tangled.


Your hull is important to keep clean with a regular wash and wax, above and below the water line. This is easier to do with modern fiberglass and aluminum hulls, but still important to get done - without a good wax, a fiberglass gel coat will turn chalky. Dirt that sits on canvas or upholstery can become a catalyst for mildew and mold.

Stock up

Some boat owners can rely on maintenance experts and service technicians for some of these tasks, but others can be done easily and affordably by yourself. Our full line of boating supplies, replacement parts and accessories make that even more affordable. At Boat & RV Accessories we have built partnerships with the most respected brands in the boating industry so that we can offer high-quality products for less.

Proper maintenance helps you protect your investment and get the most enjoyment out of your boat. We make boat maintenance easy at Boat & RV Accessories - contact our boating experts today to learn more about how you can keep enjoying your watercraft season after season.