Best Places to RV in 2022

Learn about the best places to go in an RV with Boat & RV Accessories.

RV owners have discovered how wonderful independent travel can be for a number of reasons. Two of the biggest reasons:

  • Frugality. Hotels and restaurants are more expensive than they have ever been, it seems like. Vacation dollars don't go as far as they used to, so the ability to drive your own hotel room and fully stocked kitchen helps you pick and choose your favorite activities.
  • Traffic. The problem with popular tourist destinations is their popularity. RV owners don't have to stick with established hotels in defined tourist areas - they can go a number of different places with all sorts of scenery.

Once you have your RV, the fun part begins: Where do you want to go?

The internet is filled with recommendations of the best places to RV camp, but those places can change regularly. Instead of specifics, our list includes some general types of places that can be found anywhere in the U.S. - or reasons to travel to a specific region.

Theme parks

From the big Disney-based attractions on the coasts, or Silver Dollar City in the heart of Branson, the country is filled with theme parks and other entertainment attractions. Those parks can get expensive, but parking an RV nearby will help you save money for admission - and parking, if you can find a partnering park.

Natural displays

Craving fall foliage in New England? Compelled to see mountains in the summer? Eager to see vast deserts and majestic canyons? Need some beach time? RVs make it possible to get to virtually any type of natural environment any type of year.

Astronomical events

Seeing phenomena in the skies requires ensuring you can get away from cloud cover. An RV is the ultimate mobile observatory - you can get far away from light pollution and enjoy a simple night of stargazing. This becomes even better for interesting events such as meteor showers, lunar eclipses, conjunctions and more.

Additionally, the U.S. will see an annular solar eclipse in 2023 and a total solar eclipse in 2024. We guarantee that hotels and campground are already filling up along the eclipse paths, thanks to the popularity of the 2017 total eclipse. With an RV, you can park wherever you can find flat ground and clear skies.

Sporting events, tailgating

Excited about a sporting event? The parking lot at the stadium may allow you to park your RV there, making tailgating and game attendance simple.

Travel supplies

Boat & RV Accessories is your best source for RV equipment, components and systems that help you make the most out of every journey. We work with the industry's most respected brands to offer high-quality products at low prices - another way you can save money for your next big adventure.

What kind of RV do you have? Where would you like to go? Contact our RV experts today, and we'll help you find the best supplies and systems so that you enjoy every minute and every mile of your trip.