Dometic CRX-50 12/24 DC Volt 12.6 Gallon Refrigerator / Freezer

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Equip your vehicle with a reliable Dometic truck fridge from Boat & RV Accessories for wonderfully chilled food on the road or on the water.

Whether you are hitting the highway in your RV or floating away on the lake, a refrigerator helps you store nutritious, fresh food so that you don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant or dealing with the hassle of ice chests. The Dometic CRX 50 is a versatile player, letting you choose between a refrigerator, freezer or both.

The CRX-50 12/24-Volt DC 12.6-Gallon Refrigerator is part of Dometic's CRX line, offering a versatile, modular three-in-one solution.

Boat owners can choose between having a refrigerator, freezer or both options, based on the food they plan to bring along or catch during their journeys. All you have to do is remove the freezer compartment to use the full CRX-50 interior as a dedicated refrigerator or freezer. With the soft-touch control panel added to the refrigerator's inner wall, you simply adjust the temperature to meet your needs.

Dometic's design allows this marine refrigerator to reduce energy by as much as 25%, thanks to smart controls that regulate compressor speed.

That’s not the only innovation in this fridge. A key aspect of the CRX series, compressor-cooling technology uses a refrigerant that transforms from a liquid to a gas. To start, heat is drawn from the cooling unit's interior. As the temperature falls, the compressor takes in the refrigerant to compress it and send it to the condenser. After this occurs, any absorbed heat goes out into the atmosphere. Once the refrigerant assumes a liquid consistency again, it returns to the refrigerator's evaporator. This combination allows for consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator.

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