Seaview PMADM2M2 Dual Mount, Pre-Drilled, 23.75"

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Install your satdome, camera or other marine electronics above your radar using a Seaview Dual Mount. Doing this ensures maximum performance out of your electronics and eliminates radar interference. The bottom mounting plate is pre-drilled to fit all closed dome radars, while the top mounting plate is modular and sold separately. Oval hollow mast section allows for easy cable management.

Top plate required

  • Specifically designed to not take up a large amount of space results in the perfect solution where space saving is a must.
  • A Dual Mount gives your radar or satdome extra height clearance to tower above anything that could obstruct its view, while still maintaining a small footprint. This also allows for all electronic cables to pass through one hole for cleaner installation.
  • The lower platform is welded onto the main body of the mount. This platform comes pre-drilled for just about all open and closed dome radars. The above image shows a lower platform on a dual mount that’s for a closed dome radar. When selecting a Seaview dual mount be sure to check to make sure that the particular one you are looking at is for a closed dome radar or a open array radar. The dual mounts that are for an open array radar have an extended lower platform so that the antenna clears the main body of the mount.


Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


Color White
Product Height 23.75"


Fits 4.5’ open array radars, 16”-24” satdomes, cameras & spotlights 

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