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Upgrade the performance and reliability of your industrial equipment with Browning's Gripnotch Belt BX52. Designed for superior power transmission, this high-quality belt offers exceptional durability, flexibility, and grip. Browning's advanced engineering ensures that the Gripnotch Belt BX52 meets the rigorous demands of various industrial applications, providing consistent and efficient operation.

High-Strength Construction: Made from premium materials to ensure maximum strength and durability, capable of withstanding high loads and harsh operating conditions.

Advanced Notch Design: The Gripnotch design enhances flexibility and reduces bending stress, leading to longer belt life and improved efficiency.

Excellent Grip: Engineered to deliver superior grip on pulleys, minimizing slippage and maximizing power transmission efficiency.

Heat and Oil Resistant: Built to resist heat and oil, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments and extending the belt's lifespan.

Precision Fit: Manufactured to exacting standards for a precise fit, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear on machinery components.

California Proposition 65: WARNING Cancer.



belt type BX Belt Section
outside length 55.0 in.
pitch length 53.8 in.
top width 21/32

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