NBK 20168 Vacuum Switch Equivalent to Harman 3-20-6866, 3-20-9301, 3-20-3433

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This is a vacuum switch which checks for airflow within the stove to close the circuit to the feed system and the igniter. If your stove is feeding pellets, your pressure switch is ok. For the switch to work properly, the hopper and the front door must be making a tight seal. Almost all the time, the switch is good but there is an air leak or point of failure somewhere else within the stove. For example, a clogged vent or burnt-out combustion blower motor.

  • This switch is calibrated to close the ignition and feed circuit at .10 WC PF.


Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65

Replaces / Equivalent to:

Harman - 3-20-6866, 3-20-9301, 3-20-3433

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