MotorGuide 8M0092071 Pinpoint GPS Remote Replacement

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The Motorguide 8M0092071 is a replacement remote for use with MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS units.

The MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS is the most accurate in the industry with many convenient features when used with Xi-Series trolling motors. This unit lets you focus on catching fish rather than moving your boat or maintaing position.

  • Anchor when set keeps you within four feet of locked in GPS coordinates
  • Jog lets you easily shift 5 feet into any position, as many times as you want
  • Route Record & Playback lets you record and store up to 8 four mile long routes to reply from anywhere
  • Heading Lock keeps your boat on a straight line path until released
  • Cruise Control maintains a constant speed while using Heading Lock or Route Playback
  • Included is compatibility to some Lowrance HDS Fishfinder/Chartplotter

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