Morningstar RTS Remote Temperature Sensor

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Morningstar Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS). Morningstar's Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) provides improved battery charging in solar systems that experience temperature variations during the year. The RTS measures temperature at the battery and the controller uses this data for very accurate temperature compensation. Use of the RTS is recommended whenever the temperature at the battery will be more than 5°C (9°F) different than the temperature at the controller. The TriStar has no on-board temperature compensation; therefore the use of the RTS is required for temperature compensated charging. Other Morningstar controllers will default to an on-board temperature sensor if a RTS is not connected.

  • Compatible with: SunSaver MPPT, SunKeeper, SunSaver Duo, ProStar-15M, ProStar-30M, ProStar-15M-48V, ProStar-15M 49-PG
  • Accurate to +/- 1.5°C (2.7°F)
  • Extendable cable length
  • Wires are non-polarized
  • Sensor noise is filtered


cable length 10 meters (33 feet)
temperature range -30┬░C (-22┬░F) to +80┬░C (+176┬░F)

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