JMP Marine JPR-NL10IP Northern Lights Engine Cooling Raw Water Pump Replacement


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The JPR-NL10IP is a Northern Lights replacement engine cooling raw water pump by JMP Marine. 

Internal parts are NOT compatible with genuine. Improved quality and performance through changes to cover, screw for cover, cam, mechanical seal, oil seal, and shaft.


  • Genuine Engine MFG Sea Water Pump P/N: Northern Lights 25-12057
  • Plug & Play Replacement
  • Strong Bronze Body (Heavy Duty Marine Grade Casting)
  • Long Life Mechanical Seal instead of Lip Seal
  • High Performance and Long Life Flexible Impeller
  • Marine Grade Shaft (3X Series Non-Magnetic)
  • Integrated Cam
  • Designed with Easy Replacement of Spare Parts
  • O-Ring Seals at End Cover (Impeller Cover) Instead of a Gasket

(1) JPR-NL10IP (Northern Lights Replacement Pump)
(1) O-Ring Mounting Gasket

Compatible Engine “Generator” Pumps:

8-20KW and under Series Generators, M16C, M20CL, M20CR, M20CRW2, M753G, M753K, M753K2, M753W, M753W2, NL753K, NL753W, NL753W2,M773LK, M773LW, M773LW2, M773LW3, NL773LW3, M843JK, M843JW, M843N, M843NK, M843NK2, M843NW, M843NW2, M843NW3, NL843JK, NL843NK, NL843NW2, NL843NW3, M844, M844D, M844K, M844K2, M844L, M844LK, M844LK2, M844LW2, M844W2, NL844K, NL844K2, NL844LK, NL844LK2, NL844LW2, NL844W2


  • Genuine Northern Lights 25-12057
  • Jabsco 30410-9001


genuine jabsco pump p/n 30410-9001
jmp impeller 7100-01K
major service kit JSK0073
minor service kit JSM0090
ports 1/2" Pipe
pump size 110mm x 117mm x 81mm
pump weight 6.0 lbs

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