Glomex 50023/14AB Automatic Gain Control Amplifier, 12/24 V DC, 2 Tv Outputs

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When you moor your boat and there is a dock TV antenna, you can easily connect your onboard TV system to the dock TV antenna. When the 50023/14AB amplifier finds the dock TV signal it automatically switches the signal reception from the Glomex TV antenna to the dock TV one.


Moreover, this new amplifier, compared to the previous one, has the following key points:

Increases the performances on TV signal reception

Automatically control the signal gain

with 2 TV outputs or 1 TV and 1 FM radio output


Thanks to the new amplifier you have only to turn on the TV, stay comfortably seated on the sofa and enjoy your favorite programs.

With conventional amplifiers, in fact, you have to manually adjust the TV signal gain by lowering the amplification when the signal is high and by increasing the amplification when the boat is at sea and far from the TV transmitter. With the new AGC amplifier, everything will happen automatically, and it can be placed in a hidden location inside the boat.


Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


Inputs 2 input from the antenna
Outputs 2 outputs to TV or TV + FM/DAB
Power Supply 12/24Vdc

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