Fantastic Vent 807358 / 807359 Upgrade Kit to Fan Model 7350 - $179.22 $239.99
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Fantastic Vent 807358 / 807359 Upgrade Kit To Fan Model 7350

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Give your Fan-Tastic Vent an upgrade with the Fan-Tastic Vent 807358 / 807359 Upgrade Kit. This Fan-Tastic Vent Upgrade Kit converts your current Fan-Tastic Vent Fan to the latest Fan-Tastic Fan 7350. Pick the perfect upgrade kit for your Fan-Tastic Vent Fan in either white or off-white. Order one for your RV's ventilation system today. Have questions about our upgrade kits? Contact our team today.

This upgrade kit will upgrade your fan into a 807350 / 807351. It includes a pop n' lock screen, rain sensor, wireless remote, and a built-in thermostat. It was made in the USA.

  • Dimensions : 14" x 14" x 3"
  • Weight : 3 lbs
  • Brand : Fantastic Vent
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          5 of 5 stars Geat product/Great company
Review Submitted by Kevin Miles

I needed two of these I had some questions regarding this product so I contacted there customer service super helpful really nice to talk with and an unbeatable price shipping to me was quick. Easy install

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