Dometic Milenco DM-2912 Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror 2 Pack

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Ensure good visibility while towing an RV or boat with Milenco towing mirrors from Boat & RV Accessories.

The joy of a boat, camper, RV or other trailer lies in being able to take a vehicle to interesting, beautiful environments while enjoying modern comforts. Trailers help you take those boats and more across anyway you can find a road.

No matter what kind of rig you drive, towing a trailer can be a challenge. It is harder to see with a boat, car or trailer behind you, and it takes longer to stop in an emergency situation. Whether you are negotiating winding mountain roads, dodging crazed city drivers or zooming down busy interstates, towing puts your driving skills to the test.

Fortunately, you can take measures to make your towing safer and more relaxing. Dometic Milenco towing mirrors provide you superb visibility as well as durability.

These Dometic Milenco DM-2912 Grand Aero3 universal towing mirrors are easy to install and feature an innovative design. Made for mirror stability and clarity at speed, these mirrors have been thoroughly tested up to speeds of 137 MPH. (We earnestly hope you will not be going that fast in your RV or truck, however.)

The Grand Aero3 Milenco towing mirrors use the airflow around the car to balance and stabilize the mirrors at speed to enable the best vision possible. Using the easy gripping clamp, no tools are required to attach or detach the mirrors. The viewing angle is wide and tall to keep your trailer in view while you are moving.

At Boat & RV Accessories, we have worked for more than a decade with the industry's top brands to offer quality components and parts at low prices. We understand that your boat or camper is an investment, and want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Our low prices and free shipping in the continental U.S. help you keep more money ready for your next adventure.

Contact our friendly staff members today and tell us about your boat or RV. We'll help you find the best accessories so that you can enjoy it even more.

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