Dinosaur Electronics FAN 50 PLUS PINS for 12V DC Furnaces

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12 VDC Furnaces


The Dinosaur Electronics FAN 50 Plus Pins is a 12V DC furnace component designed to replace and enhance various fan control boards, including those from Suburban, Atwood/HydroFlame, and UIB. It offers backward compatibility with older Fan 50 Plus and UIB Fan Control boards, allowing for easy upgrades of older furnaces to incorporate fan control features.

The primary function of the Fan Control Ignitor Board is to shut off the fan motor if it fails to detect a flame after three ignition attempts. This feature helps reduce battery drain and prevents the unnecessary blowing of cold air. Additionally, the FAN 50 Plus Pins will wait for one hour after shutting off the fan motor before repeating the sequence, offering added convenience and functionality. 

NOTE: The "Fan Control" feature MUST BE USED for proper operation of this board.


  • Micro-controlled
  • 3.35" x 4.25"
  • Diagnostic LED
  • 12 VDC Operation
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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