Bob's Machine 402-060001 True Tracker Stabilizer Plate 40 HP+ Straight Cavitation

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This new design of an already proven product gives all the advantages of the broad tail stabilizer plate, quicker hole shot, keeps boat on plane at lower speeds, increases top speed on most boats, smooth out ride, & helps stop porposing.

The product is not recommended for offshore applications. It's suitable for motors with a straight cavitation plate, 40 and up. For boats with more stern lift, there's much less torque in the steering wheel. Flat-bottom boats steer better with less sliding. Additionally, the boat steers easier at low speeds with less correction of the steering wheel, which stops the boat from wandering at low speeds.

Note: Not Recommended W/ Offshore Applications


  • For all motors with a straight cavitation plate 40 HP and up
  • Boat has more stern lift
  • Much less Torque in steering wheel
  • Flat bottom boats steer better (less sliding)
  • Most important, boat steers easier at low speeds with less correction of steering wheel (stops boat from wondering at low speeds)
  • Available for most engines 25 HP and up

Replaced By: 402-060001

Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


Color Silver (Steel)
dimensions 19" x 12.5" x 4.25"
Weight 9 lbs

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