Bob's Machine 401-200000 Transom Wedges Set, 2" Setback Spacers & Bolts

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These spacers are manufactured from strong aluminum alloy and machined flat on both sides. Adding these spacers is the simplest way of getting that extra couple mph. These spacers go between the transom and the engine’s mounting bracket or they can be installed between the jack plate and engine.


  • Durable aluminum alloy spacers, machined flat on both sides. Boost speed efficiently by placing between transom and engine bracket or jack plate and engine.
  • 2" Spacer kit includes stainless steel bolts & nuts. Regular bolts suitable for smaller spacers.
  • Setback spacers shift hull's center of gravity back, re-balancing the boat. Maintains current hull attitude with less trim, optimizing power for forward motion.


dimensions 10 x 4 x 4 In.
material Aluminum alloy
weight 18 lbs

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