Bob's Machine 100-106016 Tilt & Jack Plate Combo Hydraulic Pump / Solenoid Valve

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These Jack Plates ship from the manufacturer and are built to order. 

Please contact us prior to ordering for an ETA

This unit doubles as both a tilt and trim, and a jack plate, and is powered by one internal (mounted inside the boat) hydraulic pump.

There are two hydraulic cylinders in the plate, and via a hydraulic solenoid valve, a flip of a switch changes between tilt & jack.

The unit is rated for 50HP, and can be either clamp on, or BIA bolt on pattern.

Unit includes the plate, hydraulic pump, hoses, switch, solenoid valve, wiring harness, oil, it is a complete kit.


dimensions 23 x 19 x 12 In.
weight 82 lbs

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