Battery Tender 030-0003-WH 700A Jump Starter - $84.11 $129.99
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Battery Tender 030-0003-WH 700A Jump Starter

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700A Jump Starter by Battery Tender. See below for additional product information.

The Battery Tender® 700A AGM jump Starter is easy to use and is designed for reliable service. It can jump start cars, most boats, light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors and more. It powers 12V DC accessories and USB accessories as well. It has LED indicators for battery temperature level, charging levels, reverse/incorrect connection and charging statuses. It will keep you informed to avoid damaging your battery and allow to get the most out of your 700A jump Starter. It will simplify your life.


  • Designed for engines up to 8 cylinder
  • Battery Level Button – Allows to see battery level indicators
  • Battery Capacity Indicators – Identifies the level of charge remaining in the internal battery.
  • LED Light - Bright LED light for emergency use
  • Internal Battery Charging Port
  • On/Off USB Switch
  • USB 2100MA Port and LED indicator
  • Charging Status Indicator
  • AC Charging Jack
  • 12V DC Outlet Socket
  • DC Indicator LED
  • 12-Month Limited Warranty
  • Includes Boosting Cables
  • Dimensions : 11½ x 7½ x 9½
  • Battery : 12Ah (AGM) sealed lead-acid battery
  • Operating Temperature : 0°C − 40°C (32 − 104 °F)
  • Weight : 11 Lbs
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