Attwood 4672-1 Tsunami Dual-Outlet Aerator Pump

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The Attwood 4672-1 Tsunami is a dual-outlet aerator pump. Operating more efficiently and more useful than any competitive livewell pumps, the Tsunami's second outlet is integrated into the pressure chamber, so it looks and pumps like part of the aerator. See below for additional details and more information.


  • Dual outlet design lets you direct water to multiple applications through a single through-hull fitting
  • Can be used for two livewells or a livewell and another water delivery purpose
  • Motor cartridge locks for secure placement, and unlocks for easy cleaning, maintenance, and replacement
  • With both outlets open, pump is rated for 880 gallons per hour (gph) output at design voltage 13.6 volts DC, or 770 gph at nominal voltage of 12 volts DC
  • Has one barbed 3/4-inch outlet and one ¾-inch threaded outlet
  • 12-volt pump is connected with 29-inch wire
  • The tsunami second outlet is integrated into the pressure chamber, so it looks and pumps like part of the aerator
  • Beneath the standard 3/4" barbed outlet, there's a second hose-threaded outlet on the pressure housing
  • Both outlets are engineered for the precise position and angle that will deliver optimum performance
  • Get twice the value because the new dual outlet tsunami aerator is actually a multifunction pump. You get separate outlets for two livewells.
  • Run a livewell and a separate low-pressure washdown outlet.
  • Three-year manufacturer's warranty

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