AP Products 010-112 12.20" EXT 3.94" Stroke 40 Ibs. Gas Spring

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The 010-112 is a 12.20" EXT, 40 pound gas prop with a 3.94" stroke from AP Products. 

This gas spring allows the replacement of the lift supports from your RV’s storage compartment doors, beds, trunk lids, and rear hatches. The 010-112 will act as a dampener while providing lift support for propping your door open. The prop is a self-contained counterbalance product providing a great alternative to regular springs and mechanical devices.


  • Attaches to a 10 mm ball
  • Plastic 10 mm ball socket end fittings with integrated locking clip
  • Removable Ball Connectors

Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


Have someone hold the hatch, hood, trunk, or rear window open while replacing the lift support. Do not use a prop. Before removing the old lift support, examine any hardware provided to determine which components must be reused. The new lift support must be installed in the same position as the one which was removed. Do not scratch rod. When installing the rod, the chamber side must be placed upward while the rod side is down.

You can remove the old lift support by prying off the retaining ring, cap lock, or the security lock ring. Press the new lift support onto the ball stud and properly install the retainer.


application Lift Support For Motor Homes
compressed length 8.3"
extended length 12.2"
load capacity 40 lb.
mounting Eyelet
stroke 3.9"

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