All Points F11572 Water Level Probe Replaces Manitowoc 2006549

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F11572 Water Level Probe Replaces Manitowoc 2006549




If your machine fails to make ice, you may have a dirty or broken water level sensor. Replacing it will get your ice machine working like new in no time.

A water level probe in an ice machine monitors how high the water level gets. When enough water enters the trough to reach the water level probe, the probe sends a signal to the control board. This signal shuts off the water inlet valve to prevent the machine from over flowing. Replacing the probe on your commercial ice machine can fix machines that fail to produce ice. Since other faulty parts can cause the same problem, you should check your existing probe to see if it’s dirty or broken before replacing it.

Fits for all S-Series Manitowoc Ice Machines. Compatible models include CVD685, CVD885, SD0302A, SD0303W, SD0322A, SD0323W, SD0422A, SD0423W, SD0452A, and SD0453W. See more below.

Don’t go through the hassle of a repairman. Fix your ice machine yourself with this high-quality exact part. The repair won’t take long and is easy to do.
Compatible models include but are not limited to:
CVD685, CVD885, SD0302A, SD0303W, SD0322A,SD0323W, SD0422A, SD0423W, SD0452A, SD0453W, SD0502A, SD0503W, SD0592N,SD0602A, SD0603W, SD0603WM, SD0692N, SD0852A, SD0853W, SD0853WM, SD0892N,SD1002A, SD1003W, SD1003WM, SD1072C, SD1092N, SD1202A, SD1203W, SD1272C,SD1402A, SD1403W, SD1403WM, SD1492N, SD1602A, SD1603W, SD1603WM, SD1692N,SD1802A, SD1803W, SD1803WM, SD1892N, SD672C, SD872C, SR0300A, SR0301W, SR0320A,SR0321W, SR0420A, SR0421W, SR0450A, SR0451W, SR0500A, SR0501W, SR0590N,SR0850A, SR0851W, SR0851WM, SR0890N, SR1600A, SR1601W, SR1601WM, SR1690N,SR1800A, SR1801W, SR1801WM, SR1890N, SR870C, SY0304A, SY0305W, SY0324A,SY0325W, SY0424A, SY0425W, SY0454A, SY0455W, SY0504A, SY0505W, SY0594N,SY0604A, SY0605W, SY0605WM, SY0694N, SY0854A, SY0855W, SY0855WM, SY0894N,SY1004A, SY1005W, SY1005WM, SY1074C, SY1094N, SY1204A, SY1205W, SY1274C,SY1404A, SY1405W, SY1405WM, SY1494N, SY1604A, SY1605W, SY1605WM, SY1694N,SY1804A, SY1805W, SY1805WM, SY1894N, SY674C, and SY874C.

Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65

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