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Dometic TC-14US 14 Liter 12 Volt DC 120 Volt AC Thermoelectric  Cooler/Warmer
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Vitrifrigo VF35P 35 Liter 1.34 Cu. Ft. Portable Fridge

Find the Best Marine Cooler/Warmer Product for Your Vessel

We have curated a quality selection of versatile marine cooler/warmer products to choose from. Available in a variety of sizes and orientations, these specially designed portable appliances are ideal for ice retention, drink cooling and food warming. At Boat and RV Accessories, we want to make finding the right electric cooler/warmer an easy process. So, talk with a specialist today and let us help you choose the right marine-grade cooler/warmer or boat appliance for your vessel.

Learn More About Marine-Grade Cooler/Warmer Products

At Boat & RV, we take pride in providing the best customer service in the industry. We want you to spend less time maintaining your boat and more time out on the water with friends and family. And the right boat coolers and warmers can keep the fun going all day and all night long. Be sure to check out our helpful Information Center or keep reading to learn more about finding the right marine-grade cooler/warmer product to keep things chill (or hot) all season long!


A thermoelectric cooler and warmer uses thermoelectric technology to efficiently cool food and drinks up to 47 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature and warm food and drinks up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (temperatures may vary based on your model). All you have to do is plug the electric cooler/warmer into a 12V DC or 120V AC outlet to keep your items at your desired temperature.


In addition to being able to both cool and warm foods and beverages, premium marine coolers and warmers come packed with some must-have features for avid boaters. Marine-grade coolers and warmers are durable, easy to clean and hose down, and are incredibly well insulated to keep cooler ice and ice packs from melting on even the hottest of days. Some models also come with added features like bottle openers, cup holders and even built-in cushioned seating with stainless steel swing arms.


The best marine cooler/warmer is whatever product best works for your boating needs. So, whether you go on a dozen fishing trips a year or are more of a casual boater looking to relax, you'll want to consider your refrigeration and heating needs. Take into account your power compatibility, how much room you're working with on your boat, how much storage you need, temperature display options, the brand, the warranty and the overall appearance. This will allow you to narrow down your options in order to find the right fit for your needs.

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