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Marine Hot Water Heaters and Parts


Have you been considering replacing or upgrading your marine hot water heater? At Boat & RV Accessories, we offer an incredible selection of durable marine hot water heaters and marine water heater parts built to withstand harsh marine conditions. We take pride in providing customers with heavy-duty hot water heaters from the most trusted names in the industry, like Attwood, Scandvik, Johnson Pump and more. Find your new marine water heater today at Boat & RV Accessories.

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Discover Marine Hot Water Heaters, Parts and More at Boat & RV

Think you can't enjoy the comfort and convenience of warm water when out on your boat? Think again. At Boat & RV, we carry a massive selection of boat appliances and marine hot water heaters to choose from. Whether you have a small sailboat or a large yacht, you're sure to find the perfect hot water system for your needs. And if you have a question or need any additional information about our selection of marine hot water heaters, we're here to help. Reach out today and one of our knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to assist you.

Learn More About Marine Hot Water Heaters

At Boat & RV, we make it easy to find the right product for your needs. But we also understand that finding the right marine hot water heater can be a challenge. Check out our helpful Information Center or keep reading to learn more about marine hot water heaters and how to choose the best product for your watercraft.

How Does a Marine Hot Water Heater Work?

While a marine hot water heater may look like a standard appliance you'd find in your home, it actually utilizes a unique method for heating water. The boat hot water heater includes a heating element that is immersed in the water. An AC current then powers this heating element and can be controlled through the use of a thermostat.

How Are Marine Hot Water Heaters Powered?

Typically, all marine hot water heaters are powered using one of two methods: electric or propane gas. In addition to this, a marine water heater with heat exchange can use the boat engine's wasted heat energy as an alternative power source. It's important to note that when water is heated this way, the thermostat has no real control over the temperature of the water. Instead, you'll need to install a tempering valve at the heater or an anti-scald valve at the faucet to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios.

How Many BTUs Do I Need for My Hot Water Heater?

The British thermal unit (BTU) is a measure of how much energy is needed in order to heat water. Typically, the higher the BTU, the more water a marine hot water heater is capable of heating. A boat obviously won't need as high of a BTU as a house would. So, when choosing a marine hot water tank, ensure you're getting the right BTU for your realistic hot water needs.

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