Dometic Refrigerator Vs. Vitrifrigo Vs. Norcold

Brand Guide: Dometic Refrigerator Vs. Vitrifrigo Vs. Norcold

Whether you’re out on a cross-country RV expedition or zipping across the lake in your prized watercraft, nothing hits the spot like a crisp icy beverage. But to enjoy a cold drink or snack, you’ll need a way to refrigerate it. That’s where boat and RV refrigerators can be a real lifesaver.

Three of the top brands on the market are Dometic, Vitrifrigo and Norcold — but which is right for you? Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at some of the best RV refrigerators and marine fridges available to help you compare and find the right option for your recreational vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about Dometic refrigerators vs. Vitrifrigo and Norcold fridges.

Dometic Refrigerators

Dometic’s marine and RV fridges are some of the best available on the market today. With user-friendly features, minimal power consumption and comfortable household-style handles, Dometic refrigerators and freezers offer top-of-the-line cooling for recreational vehicles of all kinds.

What Sets Dometic Apart?

The company pretty much invented RV refrigeration in the 1950s and has been perfecting it ever since. Today, Dometic has one of the most comprehensive offerings of recreational refrigerators available on the market and is the global leader in mobile living. Dometic has everything from compact refrigerators to mid-sized drawer fridges, each designed so you can utilize every inch of storage space. And these durable units offer noiseless absorption while efficiently keeping your food cold and crisp. The sleek, state-of-the-art designs of Dometic provide the ultimate in convenience and reliability.

Popular Models

The following are some of the most popular Dometic fridge models for marine and RV applications available from Boat & RV Accessories.

The CFX Series

The CFX Series

The Dometic CFX line is a fan favorite due to its combination of efficiency, price, features and reliability — it’s perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Any model from this series, like the Dometic CFX-50W or the Dometic CoolFreeze CFX-35W, will keep your food and beverages cold with minimum power draw and nearly noiseless operation.

The Waeco CRX-65 Coolmatic

CRX-65 Refrigerator

The Dometic Waeco CRX-65 Coolmatic is an impressive 3-in-1 solution thanks to its ability to cool, freeze and even achieve both at the same time. And due to its intelligent electronic compressor speed control, it takes up 25 percent less energy consumption when doing so. Enjoy minimal noise with the Coolmatic’s automatically adjusting fan speed and perfect temperature control with the newly designed soft-touch control panel.

Vitrifrigo Refrigerators

Vitrifrigo is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of mobile refrigerators, freezers and ice makers. The sleek and stylish Vitrifrigo fridges for boats and RVs offer durability, reliability and superior insulation, all while optimizing power consumption. These stunning units fit perfectly into any galley, and each model was designed with boat and RV interiors in mind, fitting flawlessly into tight, enclosed spaces.

What Sets Vitrifrigo Apart?

Household refrigerators are typically built to maximize interior space and thus use extremely thin insulation material. But Vitrifrigo’s fridges are made using a rigid external chassis and thick, highly efficient polyurethane insulation, meaning your food stays perfectly cold while saving you on energy costs. Reliability and smooth, quiet operation are also big selling points when it comes to Vitrifrigo refrigerators. They are built with ultra-quiet Danfoss/Secop 12/24-volt compressors which equate to true durability, dependability and longevity. And the fan-cooled air condensing units provide optimum heat transfer and efficiency.

Popular Models

The following are some of the most popular models of Vitrifrigo refrigerators for marine and RV applications available from Boat & RV Accessories.

The V51 Built-In Refrigerator

V51 Built-In Refrigerator

The Vitrifrigo VF51 built-in refrigerator/freezer offers approximately 1.8 cubic feet of storage with high-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation for optimum cooling. And the galvanized steel exterior ensures lasting durability while the white thermoformed plastic-coated storage area means cleaning is always a breeze.

The VF62 Built-In Refrigerator

VF62 Built-In Refrigerator

The galvanized steel Vitrifrigo VF62 built-in refrigerator/freezer has nearly 2.2 cubic feet of storage capacity and also utilizes high-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation. With adjustable electro-mechanical temperature control and low-voltage and overvoltage protection, this refrigeration unit is one you can rely on.

Norcold Refrigerators

Norcold has established itself as a leader in the RV and marine refrigeration industry. The compact and quiet Norcold fridges are known for their dependability and ample space. These safe and stylish units even offer flexible storage with adjustable door bins. This energy-efficient brand is the perfect choice when looking for more refrigerator and freezer space on your boat or RV.

What Sets Norcold Apart?

Norcold’s refrigeration units utilize a compressor along with an evaporator (very similar to how your household refrigerator works). This gives these units the ability to both cool and/or freeze your items. Unlike more common thermoelectric coolers, Norcold refrigerators hold a steady temperature regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

In addition to keeping your food cold and ice ready for drinks, Norcold fridges feature a hermetically sealed compressor with built-in low voltage protection. So, when your battery voltage is low, the compressor turns off and only turns back on when voltage returns.

Popular Models

Below are a few of the most popular models of Norcold refrigerators that we carry at Boat & RV Accessories.

The NRF-30 Refrigerator

NRF-30 Refrigerator

With nearly 1.1 cubic feet of storage space, the Norcold NRF-30 is the ideal portable refrigerator for big families or long trips. You're in full control of your unit's temperature with an electronic control panel and settable levels to prevent battery drain. And with a sleek stainless-steel interior, the NRF-30 prevents staining and improves cooling — so you can pack and go without worry.

The NRF-60 Refrigerator

NRF-60 Refrigerator

The Norcold NRF-60 has 2.1 cubic feet of space and features CFC-free insulation foam and refrigerant. With easy-to-clean removable wire baskets and a separate refrigerator-only compartment to prevent freezing, this durable and reliable refrigerator can hold up to nearly anything you throw its way.

Comparable Refrigerator Models

When comparing Dometic, Vitrifrigo and Norcold refrigerator models, you should know that they do offer quite a few comparable styles. One brand is not necessarily better than another; it all comes down to your unique needs and your boat or RV space requirements. The following chart compares a few of the more popular fridges from each brand. Please note, this list is in no way exhaustive and is just a snapshot of some of the refrigeration products available from Boat & RV Accessories.

Dometic Model Vitrifrigo Model Norcold Model
CRX-50 VF51
CRX-65 VF62
CFX-28 VF16P
VF35P NRF-30
CFX-40W VF45P NRF-45
CFX-65W VF65P NRF-60
CFX-100W VF120D

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