Top Road Trips for RV Families

Boat & RV Accessories can help you find the best places for RV road trips across the country.

"Road trip" usually implies a quick excursion, not a full vacation. Intended for a day or two, a road trip is usually spontaneous and exciting. The destination is usually only a few hours away, and the trip doesn't require a lot of cash (except for gas money).

RV owners, however, look at road trips differently. With a reliable, comfortable RV, a road trip isn't reserved for flighty college students. A family can easily take a quick couple days for some quality time and exciting entertainment.

All that remains is where to go. And that all depends on your location.

When you search the internet for "best vacation spots" or whatever, you get a list of destinations all across the country, with no consideration of where you are STARTING your road trip.

That's why this "best places" list is a little different. Instead of locations, we have events in mind. That way, you can search for those events in your immediate area, and determine whether a road trip is possible. Eh, who are we kidding? With an RV, a road trip is almost always possible.

Keep your eyes open for these types of events:

  • County fairs and festivals. So many towns in America have one or two annual events that feature a proud tradition. You can find them everywhere, from Sucker Day in Nixa, Missouri to Frozen Dead Guy Days in Estes Park Colorado, from the Roadkill Cook-off in Marlinton, West Virginia to the Mooning of the Amtrak in Laguna Niguel, California. Check the chamber of commerce or CVB websites of cities a few hours away from you to find these amazing traditions.
  • Concerts. You may see a favorite singer or band performing a few hours away. Or maybe your tweens or teens long to go see a favorite act. With an RV, you can get last-minute tickets and not have to worry about finding a place to stay after the show.
  • Theme parks. These are more plentiful across the country than you might think. Almost every area known for tourism has one. With an RV, you can take the family to one of them on a whim.
  • Flip-a-coin trips. If you have the urge to travel but don't have a nearby destination, leave the directions to fate. Flip a coin, drive wherever it tells you to drive and stop at the first interesting discovery you make. An RV lets you extend these trips without having to worry about finding hotel rooms.
  • Athletic events. Your family has watched enough sports on TV. Why not drive to their favorite team's stadium? An RV lets you get there without having to worry about beating crowds for food or lodging.
  • Holiday events. Maybe you have heard about a distant town's fireworks show for Independence Day or Christmas parade. An RV enables you to make that trip without a lot of prior planning.

Contact us today, and we can help you make sure your RV is prepared for spontaneous family road trips.