Dometic CFX Portable Refrigerators

When searching for a portable refrigerator you have a lot to choose from so knowing what details to look for will help you narrow your options. Portable refrigerators are great options for people on the go such as campers, boaters, and road trip warriors. This specialized appliance is able to keep your food and drinks cool without taking up too much space or power.

With so many options, it is important to understand your own needs in a refrigerator before starting your search. Do you just need a fridge, or a freezer or do you need both? Some portable refrigerators can be set as either a fridge, or a freezer, but if you need both at one time you will want to opt for one with dual zones that has that capability. Size is also an issue you will run into. At Boat and RV Accessories we make have portable refrigerator options that run from 24 quarts all the way to 113 quarts. The power needs of your new portable fridge will depend on how large it is, as well as if you are utilizing it as a freezer so make sure before you buy that you have a power source capable of handling the voltage requirements. Below you will find our favorite portable fridges and an overview of each.

Dometic Coolfreeze CFX-35W 35 Quart Portable Refrigerator Freezer W/ Wifi


The Dometic CFX-35W can be utilized as either a refrigerator or a freezer with temperature settings ranging from -8F to 50F. With a quick chill turbo function and a temperature memory that maintains the preset temperature even after being turned off, this portable, reasonably-sized fridge is an easy choice for your next excursion.

Additional Features of the Dometic CFX-35W:

  • Removable lid
  • Strong latches, hinges, & drop down handles
  • Controllable through WiFi via an app
  • 35 Quart Storage

Dometic CFX50W Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator / Freezer - 46 Liters


This Dometic CFX-50W 1.8 CU. FT. portable freezer will keep your food and drinks cool and is nearly noiseless when in operation. This portable fridge includes a digital temp display with Fahrenheit and Celsius so you can keep it at the perfect temperature. Like the entire Dometic CFX portable fridge line, you can use this unit as either a freezer or a fridge depending on your needs.

Additional Features of the Dometic CFX-50W:

  • Soft Touch Digital Controls
  • Runs 120VAC, 12VDC, or 24VDC Power Source
  • LED Interior Light
  • Lid can be Reversed and Removed
  • Includes both AC and DC power cords
  • Temperature memory preset feature if the system shuts off

Dometic CFX-65W 65 Quart Wifi-controlled Portable Refrigerator Freezer


This Dometic CFX-65W Portable refrigerator is a great mid-size option for those that want to keep their food and beverages cool on the go. With storage for up to 106 12oz cans and wifi capabilities, this portable refrigerator is hard to beat. The reinforced corners and stainless steel hinges make it strong and durable so it can keep your food and drinks cool for years to come.

Additional Features of the Dometic CFX-65W:

  • Energy efficient genuine compressor technology
  • Wire basket with divider
  • Excellent cooling performance even with high outside temperatures
  • Soft touch digital controls

Dometic CFX-95DZW 86 Quarts 120 Volt Ac 12/24 Volt Dc Dual Zone Wifi Enabled Portable Refrigerator Freezer


This Dometic CFX Portable Refrigerator holds up to 86 quarts with a temperature range of -8F to 50F and has 2 wells to help organize and separate food and drink items. Temperature on the unit can be controlled via WIFI on an accompanying app so you can adjust as your needs change. The Dometic CFX-95DZW can be easily cleaned as it also features a detachable lid, removable baskets, and a separate dairy compartment.

Additional Features of the Dometic CFX-95DZW:

  • Holds 125 12oz cans
  • Soft touch digital controls
  • Quick chill turbo function
  • Runs 120VAC, 12VDC or 24VDC Power Source
  • Interior Light
  • USB Port

Dometic Coolfreeze CFX-100W Wifi-controlled Portable 93 Quart Refrigerator/freezer


Keep your items chilled or frozen with the Dometic CFX Cooler Line. This particular model, the Dometic CFX-100W holds 93 Quarts with an interior light and removable lid and baskets for convenience. Temperature can be controlled via a wifi enabled app and ranges as low as -8F or as high as 50F. The built in USB ports on this unit can help you charge your units while the quick chill turbo function gets the interior department and items placed in there chilled quickly.

Additional Features of the Dometic CFX-100W:

  • Soft touch digital controls
  • Stainless steel hinges and drop down handles
  • Memory maintains preset temperature after system is turned off
  • Runs 120VAC, 12VDC or 24VDC Power Source
  • Certified CE, CB, GS, E4
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty

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There are a lot of options, features and details when it comes to portable fridges so make sure you find the one that fits all of your needs. At Boat and RV Accessories we want to make finding the right fridge an easy process. So browse all of our Dometic portable fridge options or speak with one of our associates to see if it's a right fit for you!

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