RV Accessories for Your Spring Camping Trips

Boat & RV Accessories can help you find accessories for your spring camping trip that help you enjoy the new season.

Spring is a fantastic time for a camping trip in your RV. The air has a refreshing chill, it's easier to catch a sunrise or sunset and annoying bugs haven't woken up to start swarming. A lot of people use spring to tune up or maintain their RVs for the summer, but if you can't wait to hit the road for an expedition, we completely understand.

In fact, we want to help you make that springtime camping trip happen. At Boat & RV Accessories, we have built relationships with the best appliance and accessory makers in the business so that we can offer lower prices. That way, you can have more money in your wallet to have some springtime adventure.

  1. Surge protectors

This probably shouldn't count as a seasonal accessory, but surge protectors are important tools, and your first expedition for the year is a good time to ensure you have them equipped. Give your current ones an inspection to make sure they are ready for another season.

  1. Water filters

Sometimes the water at a campsite is just fine. Other times, not so much. Equipping your RV with a water filter will help that situation tremendously. The ability to remove minerals that cause bad taste and buildup will also help prolong the life of your pipes.

  1. Head lamps

Wow, are these things handy. It's one thing to have a bright flashlight in your hand, but when you can wear it on your head, you gain the use of both hands again. That could come in - wait for it - handy when having to get some tasks done in the dark.

  1. Screen tent

This may seem counterintuitive for spring because of the lack of bugs, but a screen tent around a propane fire pit is a great way to enjoy time outside when the temperature gets chilly. Additionally, you'll have it for the summer when the bugs are - again, wait for it - bugging you.

  1. Electric heater

The temperature may not dip down low enough to require switching your RV's full heating system on. A small RV heater can come in handy for heating up a smaller area so that you can get comfortable without using a lot of power.

  1. RV-specific GPS

While Google Maps is just fine for traveling in a car, it doesn't offer a lot of information that might be critical for RV drivers. An RV-specific GPS will usually let you plug in your vehicle's exact dimensions, so that it can route you away from hazards, way-too-curvy roads, low bridges and more.

  1. Air compressors

If you don't have one for your RV, now is the time. While tire pressure-monitoring systems are helpful for alerting you to a flat, an air compressor lets you solve that problem anywhere you are, without having to limp your way to a gas station.

What sorts of accessories do you rely on for your camping trips? Contact us today and let us know - we love talking to fellow RV enthusiasts.