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Top Battery Chargers Available From Cotek

RVs and boats are ideal for day trips, vacations or simply living off the grid. But they're only as convenient as the batteries that keep their appliances and electronics running. In the market for a new converter or inverter charger? Cotek is one of the most trusted and innovative battery charger brands on the market today — and with good reason. Keep reading as we share some of our top picks for Cotek battery chargers available from Boat & RV Accessories. Wondering which type of battery charger is right for your needs? Be sure to check out our inverter vs. converter guide for more information.

SP Series

SP Series

The SP Series of pure sine wave inverter chargers replaces the popular SK series and introduces advanced safety features and innovative technology. This new generation uses a lightweight and sleek design, ranging from 700W to 4000W. And these state-of-the-art inverters are output AC voltage- and frequency-selectable, and they feature a wide DC input voltage range. Plus, the built-in advanced microprocessor provides a friendly interface for ease of use.

Additional Features of the SP Series

  • Wide input voltage range (10.5~15.5V) is perfect for the majority of user applications
  • RS-232 communication is a convenient alternative solution to set parameters
  • Power-saving mode selectable
  • Input and output isolation prevents dangerous electrical shocks
  • Low-profile and space-saving design works for most RVs and boats

SC Series

SC Series

The eco-friendly Cotek SC Series of pure sine wave inverter chargers offers unique features, outstanding performance and a high standard of design. The innovative SC Series seamlessly switches between the inverter and battery charger applications. Plus, it offers premium versatility with six convenient operating modes: pure inverter, pure charger, power sharing, power generation, power support and power saving. The SC Series supports high-capacity batteries and speeds up the overall charging time.

Additional Features of the SC Series

  • Offers a wide charging range and supports various battery types
  • Light power sensor allows the inverter to go into saving mode when the load is too light
  • Overloading protection (OLP) prevents the shutdown of an input power breaker system
  • Provides an extra 12VDC output
  • Compact size is perfect for those with limited space
  • Simple DIP switch setting replaces inferior LCD setting
  • Zero-second switch for seamless power during the transfer period

SL Series

SL Series

The all-in-one Cotek SL Series was created to extend relaxation time on a boat or RV. This popular line of bi-directional pure sine wave inverter chargers is designed with advanced power electronic and microprocessor technology. The convenient self-diagnosis microprocessor can identify and display all failure messages on the LED display, along with visual and audio alarm notifications. Plus, intelligent software allows for optimum power management, including the ability to share power and engage the generator function.

Additional Features of the SL Series

  • 4-stage charging functions, including an equalization charging function for the batteries
  • Safety features like DC input over/under voltage protection and inverter AC input/output protection
  • Convenient remote management and control
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for tight spaces
  • Fan controls by load and temperature

CX Series

CX Series Battery Charger

The Cotek CX Series 3-stage battery chargers are controlled using a microprocessor for accurate and lightning-fast charging of all deep-cycle batteries. Available in 12V and 24V models, the CX Series automatic battery charger and power supply is an efficient and reliable unit ideal for marine, RV and off-the-grid applications. Its small dimension, simple interface and smart communication makes it one of the most advanced battery chargers on the market.

Additional Features of the CX Series

  • Programmable charging curve provides flexibility for various battery types
  • Temperature compensation extends the battery's life and reduces the overall life cycle cost
  • Durable operation temperature range allows the charger to function under tough weather conditions
  • Engine start battery (ESB) maintenance function keeps the ESB in good condition
  • Failure alarm by dry contact is able to easily recognize abnormal symptoms and conditions
  • Convenient sleep mode continues to charge efficiently and silently

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