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Make all your favorite campsite recipes without worrying about ruining your camper’s cooktop. Below we’ll highlight some tips for making sure your Atwood cooktop stays sparkling and working right all year round. While we will be focusing on Atwood cooktops, these tips can work for any cooktop you may be using in your RV.

Much like a regular stovetop, there are many different cleaning solutions you can use on your RV’s Atwood cooktop. However, you might not have all the cleaning options at your disposal in your home away from home.

Some cleaning solutions that work well on Atwood cooktops that you might have on hand in your RV are listed below.

Cleaning Your Atwood Cooktop With White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the best, cheap cleaning solutions around. If you don’t have white vinegar on hand in your RV, we recommend you start because white vinegar can clean virtually anything. White vinegar works especially well on glass Atwood cooktops and helps remove streaks and stains on the glass surface. To use the white vinegar to clean your cooktop simply mix one part white vinegar with two parts in a spray bottle. Spray the area you want to clean, and the vinegar will work to disinfect and fight those caked on spots.

Olive Oil for Atwood Cooktop Cleaning

Another cleaning solution you might have on hand already in your RV’s kitchen is olive oil or vegetable oil. This remedy is another one that works well for those caked on spots on your cooktop. To use the olive oil or vegetable oil, just pour the oil of your choice on the cooktop areas you want to clean. Using a cloth, begin to wipe the oil and caked on messes off your stove. Once the oil is wiped off of the cooktop, use a bit of water or soapy water to clean off the remaining oil.

Boiling Water Atwood Cooktop Cleaning

If you have nothing else on hand in your RV to clean your Atwood cooktop, you can always use boiling water on your cooktop to get the job done. Boiling water works well on caked on areas. For this method, you carefully pour the boiling water onto the surface you wish to clean. Wait for the water to cool, and the caked on mess will be easier to wipe away.

Atwood Cooktops at Boat & RV

We hope these tips help you have a great camping season, and an easier time cleaning your cooktop! If you are thinking about getting a new Atwood cooktop for your RV altogether, check out our full selection of Atwood cooktops. Our selection of Atwood cooktops includes a variety of styles including Atwood 56494, Atwood 52180, Atwood 52973, and more!

We even offer Atwood cooktop parts in case there is a part you are looking to replace or add on to your Atwood cooktop.

Have more questions about Atwood cooktops available in our online store or Atwood cooktop maintenance? Contact Us today!

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