Best Hiking Trails Spring 2023

Spring is a perfect time for a hiking trip, and Boat & RV Accessories can help you learn how to find an incredible trail close enough for a quick spring trip.

Real hikers know that the hiking season never really ends, if you know how to prepare for colder weather. But for most of us, a hike helps us connect with nature. There is no better time to connect with nature than spring, as the world wakes up from its winter slumber. The birds are active, smaller creatures are scampering around and the color green grows more dominant.

A spring hiking trip offers the chance to get away for a weekend or a few days without the hassles usually found in warmer weather.

The internet is filled with recommendations about the best hiking trails in the country. Places such as Vermillion Cliffs, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Rockies the Grand Canyon are already well known, and are worth the planning time for a full vacation. But the point of a spring trip is the quickness of it - from the affordability to the planning.

The United States is covered in trails. Chances are you are surrounded by them, no matter where you live. All you have to do now is find them. If you have your gear prepared and your RV is ready to go, it's easy to find an outstanding, memory-making hiking trip.

Check the map

A great starting place is an overhead equivalent of looking around you. Check the map around your home, and expand out by about four to six hours of driving time. Once you focus on that circle, you'll find numerous places of interest.

Shake away reputations

We are not joking when we say the U.S. is covered in trails. Most people think a hike requires mountains or forests, but that's just not the case. Kansas, for instance: This state has a reputation for not needing to touch the steering wheel as you drive across its highways. But between those highways a hiker can find a treasure trove of lakes, rivers and prairies that make

Also, get rid of the notion that there is no nature to be found in a metropolitan area. City governments are investing serious dollars into creating walking trails through parks and undeveloped areas. You might find a natural gem close to a downtown area, if you just take the time to look. These urban trails can be great warm-ups for more aggressive, less refined trails you can tackle later in the season.

States can help

The department of conservation or natural resources in your state has plenty of resources about hiking trails, including well maintained ones at state parks or nature centers. Their websites are packed and their staff members are eager to help, so contact them.

Pair with other activities

A spring hiking trip may allow you to discover some new dining or shopping experiences, as well as some new activities. Sometimes those places are close enough to the trail so that you can enjoy the thrill of a hike, then relax with a well-prepared meal from a locally-owned eatery. Cities also sometimes pair their hiking trails with biking trails and disc golf courses, so you may discover a new activity.