WFCO WF-9845-LiS Arterra Deckmount Converter/Charger, Lis Switch - 45 Amp DC Output (15 Amp AC Power Cord)


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This is a deck mount converter charger designed with a remote switch feature for both Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. It offers a remote switching feature which allows for a switch to be installed at any location preferred by the user. With an easy connect WAGO connection on the back, it also allows for easy wiring and hookup for any style of switch.

  • Provides a convenient, cheaper, long-term option that eliminates the hassle of swapping out a whole unit. With versatility like this, it’s ideal for use in a wide array of recreational vehicles.
  • Designed with optimized charging for battery chemistry in the unit. For Lead Acid Batteries, WFCO’s automatic three-stage converter handles every charging need for the RV while extending the battery’s life. For Lithium-Ion Batteries, the multi-stage process ensures a safe operating voltage for all loads, replaces energy back into the battery, and assures the lithium cells inside the battery remain balanced.


Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


Bulk Mode 14.4V DC (quick charging voltage)
Converter Type (LA/LI) 3 Stage Converter Charger
Cooling System Yes
Float Mode 13.2V DC (trickle charge voltage)
Input Voltage 105 VAC - 130 VAC / 60 Hz
Output Current 45 A
Over Current Yes
Over Temperature Yes
Over Voltage Yes
Range Absorption Mode 13.6V DC (nominal voltage)
Reverse Polarity Yes
Short Circuit Yes
Voltage Output 13.2 – 14.4V DC
Voltage Output (LA/LI) 13.2 - 14.4 VDC / 13.6 - 14.6 VDC

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