WFCO RV Trailer Camper Electronic Converter/Charger 55A WF-9855


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A converter/charger from Boat & RV Accessories helps you enjoy powered up appliances no matter where you go.

The thrill of a trailer or camper lies in how you can take it almost anywhere. You can find some flat ground by a river or some mountains, and have some of the comforts of home while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

This WFCO WF-9855 trailer converter charger is a three-stage charger that gives you 55 amp DC power that is perfect for most appliances and electronics in a camper. It is configured to run with FCC Class B compliance standards - a fancy way of saying it won't cause interference with TVs, radios and other communications signals.

Equipped with electronic current limiting, it will shut down power during overloads or short circuits. It also has a cooling fan that switches on only when it is needed. This versatile RV converter charger is an outstanding option for your next journey.


bulk charge voltage (4 hrs.) 14.4V DC (quick charging voltage)
certifications FCC
converter type Three-Stage Converter Charger
cooling system Yes
float voltage 13.2V DC (trickle charge voltage)
input voltage 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz
nominal voltage 13.6V DC (nominal voltage)
output current 55A
output power 55 amps DC output
over current Yes
over temperature Yes
over voltage Yes
reverse polarity Yes
short circuit Yes
voltage output 13.2 - 14.4V DC Range

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