Schneider Electric RNW8651032 XW-MPPT80-600VDC Solar Charge Controller

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The Schneider Electric Conext XW Solar Charge Controller is a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the electrical maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries. When charging, the XW MPPT regulates battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery.


The XW-MPPT80-600 can be used with the XW power distribution panel, or stand-alone in other PV systems. Either a Square-D HU361RB 600 VDC disconnect, or the XW-Disco-RS, can be used as an array disconnect. Use a 100 A breaker for the XW-MPPT80-600 and 125 A breaker for the XW-MPPT100-600 on the battery side of the controller.


  • 60 A or 80 A for 12, 24, 36, 48 V batteries
  • MPPT delivers maximum available power from PV array to battery bank, producing up to 30% more power than PWM charge controllers
  • Integrated PV ground-faulted protection
  • Convection-cooled design - does not require a cooling fan
  • Selectable two or three-stage charging algorithms, with manual equalization to maximize system performance
  • Two-line, 26-character liquid digital display (LCD) and four buttons for configuration and system monitoring in stand-alone applications


  • Essential for prolonging battery life by providing a controlled charge to the battery bank without overcharging
  • Easy-to-install
  • Improve battery life with selectable multi-stage temperature compensated charging
  • Improve battery life with selectable multi-stage temperature compensated charging


  • Backup power
  • Residential grid-tie solar with backup power
  • Off-grid solar
  • Community electrification
  • Self-consumption


Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65

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