Samlex STEP 10 Converter Input: 9-18 VDC, Output: 24 VDC, 10 Amps

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he Samlex Step10 Converter is a high-quality and efficient power converter designed to step up voltage from 12VDC to 24VDC at 10 Amps DC. Its non-isolated, switch mode design ensures reliable performance while keeping energy consumption very low, making it an energy-efficient choice for various applications.

This converter's compact size and lightweight construction make it convenient and easy to install, providing a space-saving solution for power conversion needs. Additionally, it is equipped with comprehensive protection features, including overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and high voltage and transient suppression on the input side. These safety measures safeguard the converter's operation, protecting both the equipment and the converter itself.

Whether you need to step up voltage for specific devices or applications, the Samlex Step10 Converter offers a dependable solution with minimal energy usage, making it an ideal choice for various power conversion requirements. Its combination of efficiency, protection features, and compact design makes it a versatile and reliable option for diverse electrical setups.


  •     Step up from 12VDC to 24VDC at 10 Amps DC
  •     Switch Mode design
  •     CE approved
  •     High Efficiency
  •     Over-current protection
  •     Over-voltage, Reverse Polarity protection
  •     6.3 mm push-on flat pin connectors

Warning: Product may contain materials cautioned by California Proposition 65


amps 10 Amps
automotive 95 / 54 / EC
efficiency ~ 92%
humidity Maximum 95%, non condensing
input voltage range 9 - 18 VDC
offload current < 15 mA
operating temperature - 20 degrees to + 30 degrees C, de-rate linearly to zero at 70 degrees C
output voltage 24 VDC Nominal (25.7 to 24.6)

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