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Fan-Tastic Vent Wireless White Remote

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Control the airflow in your camper, all without having to get up! This remote is designed to be used with Fan-Tastic vent fans. This white wireless remote controls the temperature and fan speed. Plus the vent fan remote includes a rain sensor and 2 AA batteries, so it arrives completely ready to use. Order a wireless control for your Fan-Tastic vent fans today!



This remote is for Fantastic Vent fans. It controls temperature and fan speed, and includes a rain sensor. Comes with 2 AA batteries. Made in the USA.

The remote is compatible with newer fans that use Infra Red (IR) for communication, not older units that use radio frequency.

  • Compatible fans include 807350, 807351
  • Color : White
  • Weight : Less than 1 lb
  • Dimensions : 2 1/2" L x 3/4" W
  • Brand : Fantastic Vent
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