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Browning A25 belt

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The Browning A25 belt is a belt witha wrapped sigle fabric design and a high tensile cord. See Details for more information.

  • Wrapped construction - Provides smooth quiet operation
  • Single fabric design allows greater flexibility
  • Wrapped Belts are more tolerant to slipping and misalignment than Raw Edge Belts
  • Close Belt tolerance - Browning Belts offer the "Code 1" Match belt system on all classical and "358" Belts, allowing easy selection of just one match number for each belt size
    This ensures tighter than RMA standards
  • High Tensile Cord - Specially treated cords to provide strength and additional flex life while providing resistance to elongation for the belt.
  • Section Size : A
  • Number of Sections : 1
  • Outside Length : 27.22 Inches
  • Cogged/Smooth : Smooth
  • Belt Style : Gripbelt
  • Resistance Features : Oil Resistant
  • Material : Neoprene
  • Operating Temperature Range : -35 to 40 °F
  • Belt Type : Wrapped
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