Atwood 91060 Replacement Inner Tank With Service Kit

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Keep your water heater in good condition with a replacement inner tank from Boat & RV Accessories

Many principles of home ownership also apply to an RV or boat. One of the biggest rules: A little maintenance goes a long way. The appliances and tools inside your boat or RV can get worn down after repeated use. Letting that wear go unchecked can cause major problems down the road that will get expensive to fix, however.

That goes for water tanks. A failing tank can soak or saturate other parts of your vehicle, causing major damage through corrosion or mold.

The Atwood 91060 is a replacement inner tank for Atwood water heaters. Atwood's 91060 lightweight aluminum-alloy tank replaces the tank in water heater model GC10A-4E and GE16-EXT. The included service kit comes with everything needed to quickly switch out your old tank with the new one.

At Boat & RV Accessories we carry a large line of replacement parts such as this inner tank. For more than a decade we have built relationships with the industry’s best manufacturers so that we can offer you some of the lowest prices on the internet. Contact us today to learn about other replacement parts, components and accessories we have for your RV or boat.

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