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Atwood G9-EXT 90073 Gas Only 6 Gallon Water Heater

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The Atwood 90073 is a 6 gallon, gas only, water heater. The Atwood G9-EXT gives you the amount of hot water you'd expect from a 9 gallon tank but in a smaller, 6 gallon size! See below for more information.

The G9-EXT has a built-in mixing valve that mixes your cold water with piping hot water to give you more hot water! The Atwood G9-EXT will save you time, money, and space. It is the best bang for your buck!

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • 6 gallon capacity
  • 50% More hot water than other 6 gallon water heaters
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Operates on LP gas
  • DSI electric ignition
  • Lightweight aluminum-alloy tank
  • Atwood's exclusive Exothermal Technology Water Heater
  • Light Weight
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Aluminum Clad Tank
  • Matching Access Doors
  • Multiple protection features including high temp limit switch, thermostat & pressure/temp relief valve
  • Pre-Installed Winterizing Bypass Kit
  • Provides the equivalent of 9 gallons of hot water
  • Exothermal Technology


Money: The Atwood 90073 is configured to be installed with winterizing bypass capabilities, resulting in a reduced OEM installation expense. It also compatible with the same cut-out space as popular Atwood water heaters, this keeps you from re-designing to accommodate a larger bulky water heater.

Time: Isolate and drain the pump and tank antifreeze straight from the plumbing circuit.

Weight: The 90073 uses exothermal technology providing the equivalence of 16-gallons of hot water while continuing to be the same weight as the best-selling Atwood Water Heaters.

Space: An increased hot water output with the same sized water heater.

  • Weight : 23 lbs
  • Dimensions : 16" W x 12 1/2" H x 19 1/2" D
  • Capacity : 6 Gallon
  • Type : LP Gas
  • Propane Output : 8000 BTU
  • Electric Output : 1400 Watt
  • Weight Empty : 23 Ibs.
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