Atwood 33082 Furnace Sail Switch With Bracket Upgrade Kit

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Improve your Atwood furnace's performance with a furnace sail switch from Boat & RV Accessories.

A little maintenance goes a long way. Boat and RV owners know that firsthand: Even when relying on repairs instead of replacements, costs can skyrocket quickly. This ingenious sail switch helps you get better performance out of your Atwood AFM and AFL furnaces.

The 33082 furnace sail switch kit offers an important safety upgrade. This air proving device keeps ignition from firing until it sees 75% of a motor's RPM. That means it checks that the combustion wheel is rotating fast enough for a proper air and gas mixture before staring the ignition process.

This Atwood furnace sail switch replacement is one of many replacement parts, accessories and components we keep on hand at Boat & RV Accessories. For more than 10 years we have been helping RV and boat owners like you save money by helping you make your own repairs.

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