AIMS SCC10APWM RWM Solar Charge Controller 10A


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The SCC10APWM is a 10 Amp RWM solar charge controller from AIMS Power. 

Using the latest PWM charging technology and state of the art charge monitoring, the SCC10APWM is efficient and perfect for any small DIY project. Use this controller with up to 120 watts of PV panels @12VDC or 240 watt of PV panels @ 24VDC. Input and output ports are simple and easy making it the setup process effortless. The front of the charge controller contains a PV input, battery output, and load control output ports. Key information like the battery voltage and solar panel voltage are displayed on the LCD display. The SCC10APWM is compatible with 12 and 24 volt battery systems with multistage charging technology, adjusting to the battery voltage accordingly. Reverse polarity, over voltage, over temp, and over discharge protections with load reconnection are included. 4 mounting holes are available with included dual USB ports for charging.


  • PWM charging technology and state of charge monitoring, adjusts charging based on battery voltage resulting in an improved overall battery life.
  • LCD displays key information such as battery voltage, solar panel voltage, solar panel charging current and load discharging current.
  • PV input, battery output and load control ports
    Industrial grade case
  • Extremely east to set up
  • Dual USB outlets
  • 4 Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Automatic load reconnection and voltage detection
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit, over voltage and over discharge protections
  • LCD display adjustable settings
  • 12 AWG Wire recommended
  • CE, ETL to UL1741 and RoHS compliant

2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty (10A Rated Current)


3 stage charging deep cycle, sealed, Gel, AGM, flooded and Lithium
bulk charge voltage 14.2V
case material ABS & aluminum. Dissipates heat.
dc voltage 12/24V
efficiency 0.99
float charge voltage 13.7/27.4V
low voltage disconnect 10.7/21.4V
low voltage reconnect 12.5/25.2V
max output 120 watts @12V and 240 watts @24V
max solar voltage <50V
operating temperature -13┬░F to 140┬░F
self consumption .5 watts
temperature compensation 4mV/Cell/C
usb Dual 5V/2A

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