Aims PWRINV250024W 2500 Watt Power Inverter 24 Volt

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Aims PWRINV250024W 2500 Watt Power Inverter 24 Volt. 

This 2500 watt 24 volt power inverter by AIMS Power converts DC (direct current) power stored by batteries into AC (alternating current) electricity that can be used to run most household appliances or tools.

This unit produces a modified sine wave, which is capable of running most tools, pumps, motors and appliances. You can use this product for off-grid back-up power at home, cabin, boat, or anywhere that doesn't have city power.

What really makes this 2500 watt AIMS Power inverter special is its capability to run off at 24 volt DC which allows for more efficiency at higher loads. This makes the inverter very appealing to users using a 24 volt DC source or multiple batteries.


ac amps 21
continuous output power 2500 Watts
dc amps 104
dimensions 14.6" X 6.6" X 3.3"
full load efficiency 0.9
no load current < 0.6 Amps
output frequency 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz
output voltage 120 Volts ac +/- 10%
output waveform modified sine wave
surge power 5000 Watts
weight 6.2 lbs.

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