Scanstrut DS16-S Stainless Steel Mini Cable Seal

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The only guaranteed and proven watertight installation for your antenna and navlight cables! The range provides waterproof cable routing and is produced in high impact plastic and 316 stainless steel with options for 0.63" to 1.57" connectors, making it ideal for almost every installation. 

The Scanstrut DS16-S Mini Cable Seal is designed  for connectors up to Ø0.63" and Cables from 0.08"-0.35".

Watertight installation - tapered bung forms a watertight seal. all units are supplied with a closed-cell base seal - 100% waterproof. All models have been IPX6 and IPX7 tested and approved. 

Easy and reliable installation - captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow reliable repeat installations. each unit supplied with both pre-drilled and blank inner seals to make your installation as easy as possible. 

No need to remove cable connectors - split-seal option does not require connector removal during install. 

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